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What GEOFF uses..

A drummer chatting about his gear? There's something thats very rarely heard.... Up until recently, my main kit was a mid 80s Pearl GLX which Ive had from new. Top of the range in piano black, a great kit of its time, but not quite the sizes I wanted. I like to play with one top tom and two floors.

I had to pop around a drummer friends house and he was putting his Sonor Delight on E-bay to sell. I told him not to bother, Id buy it, especially as it was the sizes I wanted, 20 x 17.5 bass drum 12 top tom - 14 & 16 floor toms and it had 2 extra toms (a 10 and shallow 12). Although he had toured the kit with The Oyster Band for 4 years, its in great condition and sounds fantastic - just ask the rest of the guys in the band. Deep bass drum sound and the toms sound bigger than they really are.

I also have a small Gretch jazz kit which I use on western swing or lighter gig. Total contrast in sound from my Sonor, but does the job very well. (Oh and lets not forget a Roland TD12, great machine, mounted on a false floor in the loft, so as not annoy the neighbours).

Last year I purchased a Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum, which I now use on every gig (even if I take a spare) almost making my other snares redundant. There is a Yamaha 14 x 4 Nouveau Copper and a Premier 14 x 7 birch Genister (which has lost out to 1st call now) and theres a Gretch 14x 4 wood snare to go with the kit above.

I've got a mix of Sabian cymbals, one of which I discovered is 25 years old, when I found the receipt recently. There is also a mix of hardware, using DW 500 pedals, Premier stands and a Tama Ergo Rider Throne (same as Francois when playing steel). Except mine has been converted to be powered by a BC1.

What's a BC1? Possibly one of the newest inventions for drummers; we never hear the bass drum clearly as it faces forwards, away from us. The Porter and Davies BC takes the signal from a bass drum mike (or even from every tom) and powers it through the seat. The drummer can then feel the bass drum in their spine, but the brain actually thinks they can hear it. Marvellous trick, keeps us in more solid time and particularly good for a dance audience, as you folks might swing to the music, but your feet move to that bass drum pulse.

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