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What FRANÇOIS uses..

François plays a Sho-Bud Pro1 12 String E9/B6 (3+4) and a Carter S-12
Pro E9/B6 7+5 String Pedal Steel guitars. The Sho-Bud has been restored
by François using John Coop parts.

The Carter is a stock model has really pretty bell-like tones.
The Sho-Bud has a more mellow tone, although brightened up surprisingly by the renovations,
and is now fitted with an Alumitone pickup - Fabulous bottom-end and clear highs

Having tried a variety of string makes, including George L's and Cobra
Coil, he's settled on SIT strings, which just seem to break much less
often. He has yet to try the much-vaunted Jagwire brand.

He uses a Peavey Nashville 112 amp with a Brad Sarno TonicTube pre-amp,
a Brad Sarno Earth Drive distortion pedal and a TC Nova Delay pedal.
He is also still experimenting with an all-valve "Diablo" amp.

For acoustic guitar, François now plays a Martin D16 with
Martin strings and for recording he also uses a Martin OM18V.

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