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The Diablos - British Country Rock taking on Americana
Who Says Country Can't Rock?

The Diablos hail from Brighton, England and play all original Country Rock. If you want slavish renditions of famous Country tunes, put a nickel in the Jukebox.

If you want to hear a band that's proud to write and play music that gives a nod to the American roots of Country Music and then gives it a British twist, then that's what The Diablos are all about!

What's Goin' On?

Good News! "I Don't Like Country", taken from our our new CD "Rhinestones And Diamonds" followed "Truth And Consequences" back up to the Number 1 slot on the HotDisc Country Charts. Whooeeee!. You can get the CD from our CD shop and it's now available on iTunes as well.

Although "Rhinestones and Diamonds" took longer than we might have liked to produce, we are confident that it really is the best thing we've done yet. But why take our word for it? Check it out for yourselves here.

We're trying to keep a Facebook page up-to-date as well, so if that's your thang, why not go and have a look here - we're regularly putting up links to videos, which may well not have come your way yet!

¡Salud! The Diablos

If you want to know a bit more about the band, go to About the Diablos

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